The MintChip System

The MintChip digital currency works on the Internet, in the physical store, on mobile devices, and enables easy person-to-person transactions.

You can choose to register an account in the cloud, download an application or obtain a MintChip device to transact in online and offline environments.

The MintChip system is based on a direct asset transfer model that moves value between trusted stores without the involvement of any intermediary. Each participant has a trusted store loaded in an account in the cloud, mobile device, USB stick on a PC or a tablet.

Whether in the cloud, or inserted into a device that you carry, the core of MintChip is an integrated circuit that holds electronic value and transfers value from one chip to another in a secure fashion.

Hosted MintChip (Cloud Account)

A Hosted MintChip Store allows consumers and merchants to transact and manage their MintChip value remotely via a ‘cloud account’.

The operator of the Hosted MintChip Store manages a user's MintChip store (account). The operator authenticates the owner of the store, and acts upon their instructions to move value into and out of the owner's MintChip store (account).