The MintChip product suite has been developed to offer consumers and merchants choice and flexibility with multiple ways to participate in this new payment solution.

The MintChip

At the core is the MintChip 'Chip' itself. The Chip is a secure smartcard integrated circuit, which provides the electronic purse functionality of MintChip.

The MintChip 'Chip' can be inserted onto all sorts of devices. Currently the MintChip system supports the following:


The MicroSD device allows consumers to have a secure portable option that can be easily inserted to a mobile device making it 'MintChip ready'.

The MintChip microSD card contains two chips; the 2GB flash memory and a secure smartcard integrated circuit chip. Therefore, the microSD card can be used as a conventional flash memory card or as a smartcard.

Please review your mobile phone's manual on insertion and removal of microSD cards.

USB Stick

Consumers can acquire the MintChip USB device that can be plugged into their PC to enable easy and portable transactions.

This USB adapter allows the microSD card to be connected to the PC using a USB interface. As with most USB peripherals this USB device is a slave and assumes the terminal device to be the Master.

Hardware Security Module

The MintChip Hardware Security Module(HSM) is meant for users with higher transaction rates, designed for large online merchants.

Hosted MintChip (Cloud)

A 3rd party service provider will host a farm of MintChips on behalf of their users. The users will be authenticated by the service provider before being given access to their MintChip.

This Hosted MintChip service enables users to transact with MintChip with a device that does not accommodate MicroSD or USB, such as Apple's iPhone.

Hosted MintChip offers consumers complete portability to transact from any device.