MintChip is the digital equivalent of the coins we use every day

  • MintChip brings the familiar properties and benefits of cash into the era of the digital economy, enhanced by the simplicity and speed of e-commerce.
  • Like coins, MintChip can be used by anyone. There is no age, demographic, banking or credit requirements. MintChip is available to all enabling anyone to transact.
  • MintChip allows everyone to pay just like cash. No personal data is exchanged in the transaction, everyone can participate regardless of age or financial status, it is secure and it is instant.
  • Unburdened by the need for a proprietary network, MintChip offers a cost effective solution to consumers and merchants and enables easy person-to-person payments.

Cash has never been so mobile

  • Value can be stored and moved quickly, easily and safely over email, software applications, or by physically tapping devices together.
  • There are five patents pending, which cover what MintChip is, how value is stored, and how value moves from one secure spot to another.
  • MintChip is a convenient, cost effective solution that allows organisations to easily monetise digital content, participate in the exploding online and nano-payment market and compete in the mobile payment space.