MintChip Differentiators

Digital Currency

  • No personal data is exchanged in the transaction
  • There is no intermediary or requirement for a proprietary network and as a result MintChip is a cost effective solution to merchants
  • MintChip is designed to facilitate the payment of low value (e.g. less than $10) payments
  • Anybody can participate regardless of their age or financial status
  • MintChip payments are instant and irrevocable
  • MintChips operate like cash in the physical world and virtual world and enables person-to-person payments
  • There is no requirement for an external authorisation
  • MintChip is backed by the Royal Canadian Mint

Privacy and Convenience

Designed by the Royal Canadian Mint, MintChip has been architected with security and trust at its forefront.

The MintChip solution delivers privacy and convenience to consumers and provides merchants with a cost effective payment option that can easily monetise digital content.

Just like cash, the MintChip system is based on a direct asset transfer model that moves value between trusted entities without the involvement of any intermediary.

There is no need to provide any personal information when paying with MintChip. MintChip payments are irrevocable and secure.