Get Last Debit Value Message

GET /mintchip/payments/lastdebit


Returns the latest value-message generated by the authenticated MintChip. The MintChip balance in not affected. This service can be used in case the last created value-message was inadvertently lost.

Request Parameters


Example URL

Response Data

On success, the HTTP response code is 200-OK.

The response content-type is application/vnd.scg.ecn-message

The response data is the latest value-message generated by the MintChip, provided as a base64-encoded value-message packet.

Custom HTTP error codes

Error Meaning
452 System related
453 Crypto related
454 Format related
455 MintChip related

In all cases, the HTTP status message describes the details of the error. For example, if a previous value-message was never created by the MintChip, the error will be:

455 - "No entry in debit cache."