The Mint.MintChip.Contract namespace contains public interfaces and classes that define the MintChip API on the Microsoft .NET platform.


Public classMintChipException
This class represents an exception thrown by MintChip.


Public interfaceILogEntry
This interface represents an individual MintChip transaction log entry.
Public interfaceIMessage
This interface represents a message used by the MintChip API. All other message interfaces inherit from the IMessage.
Public interfaceIMintChip
This interface represents the primary controller for interacting with MintChip.
Public interfaceIMintChipStatus
This interface represents the current status of the MintChip. All the values returned by the methods of the interface are current as of the moment an instance of the IMintChipStatus was created. To refresh the MintChip status a new instance of the IMintChipStatus should be created.
Public interfaceIValueMessage
This interface represents an instance of value in transit between a payer(source) and a payee(target). This Value Message can only be consumed (loaded) by the intended payee's MintChip.
Public interfaceIValueRequestMessage
This interface represents a request for a Value Message.


Public enumerationCurrencyCode
This enum represents various currencies supported by MintChip.
Public enumerationLogType
This enum represents the type of MintChip transaction log entry.